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Doris Cohen

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The Believers

The Believers

The Believers by Doris Cohen. Beautiful oil painting of the Wailing Wall. Jerusalem painting. Landscape Painting. Oil on Canvas. Original oil painting. Comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. 100by80cm. Contact for Price.

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The artist’s impression of a scene at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. A poignant take on the conflict in the region using Jerusalem’s landscape. Even though the conflict and politics of the region would always form a backdrop to any artistic work, a conscious effort was made to let it not interfere with the work of art. To make that possible, faces of the soldiers are deliberately not shown thereby leaving it on the viewer to interpret their emotions. Are they praying or grieving? Are they at the Wailing Wall to seek solace? Or are they just reflecting at the futility of the whole conflict. They are shown in embrace to signify their shared beliefs. Although toned down, guns are shown as the only reminder of a conflicted region and society. Jerusalem’s landscape and the human element have been primarily contrasted with the wall’s sandy color covered by the soldiers green. A favorite of the artist, this Jerusalem landscape painting is an attempt to inter-weave a city’s landscape and its emotions into a single painting without making it a political statement. The Wailing Wall is used to represent faith and belief. And the soldiers as someone who have come either to grieve for someone who fell down defending the symbol of belief itself or to renew their shaken beliefs. The painting shows how a city’s landscape and its people’s emotions nurture each other.
French Canadian artist Doris Cohen’s art and paintings. Doris Cohen is a gifted and trained artist whose painting styles include abstract paintings, impressionism paintings, surrealism, expressionism, still life landscape paintings, nature, floral and realism paintings. A part of her collections of original paintings is now available for sale through this website. All original paintings come with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist herself. These oil on canvas paintings have no replicas or duplicates. Fine art paintings prints and posters are also available for sale. Doris Cohen is also an accomplished stained glass and glass art artist. Her fine art studios, ArtPaintingStudio and Artsonglass are based in Ontario, Canada.