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Doris Cohen

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La Primavera

La Primavera

La Primavera or Coming of Spring oil landscape painting by Doris Cohen. Oil on canvas. Original oil painting. Comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. 50by92cm and 40by92cm. Contact for Price and availability.

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La Primavera oil painting by Doris Cohen. Original Landscape and Impressionism painting. La Primavera also known as the allegory to the spring or coming of the spring celebrates the onset of the spring season. Although, all seasons present themselves for rendition on canvas, spring season tests any artist more than the usual. The spring season brings with it so many beautiful and vivid colors to be captured on a painting that the artist is spoilt for choices.

This particular landscape painting of the spring season tries to catch exactly the above theme. In this two panel painting you can see on the left bright flaming leaves welcoming the spring onset balanced by lovely small blooming leaves on the right. On the bottom are dozens of colors spread over the vegetation with beautiful intermixing of red, green in various shades. In the backdrop a clever cloud of colors is depicted which represents the numerous colors which are in the air and will settle down on the flora as springs takes its full form. They are the cloud of possibilities which the spring season offers to the plants. As you see in detail, the left flaming colors of the branch are indeed soaking in the orange at the end of the branch from the color cloud and similarly the right tree is soaking in green from the color cloud. Another background theme is that even though the colors offered to the flora are essentially the same, the season leaves it to the particular plant to interpret it. For example spring is seen offering the branch a light orange color but the branch eventually translates that into a flaming orange. This theme has been incorporated to show spring season as a relationship of elements of nature rather than just being a time of the year. The sky was a particular addition showing clear blue color in order to show the color splash going on in the ground. The sky acts as a static medium in order to present the dynamism on the ground.


French Canadian artist Doris Cohen’s art and paintings. Doris Cohen is a gifted and trained artist whose painting styles include abstract paintings, impressionism paintings, surrealism, expressionism, still life landscape paintings, nature, floral and realism paintings. A part of her collections of original paintings is now available for sale through this website. All original paintings come with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist herself. These oil on canvas paintings have no replicas or duplicates. Fine art paintings prints and posters are also available for sale. Doris Cohen is also an accomplished stained glass and glass art artist. Her fine art studios, ArtPaintingStudio and Artsonglass are based in Ontario, Canada.