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Doris Cohen

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La Primavera 2

La Primavera 2

La Primavera 2 by Doris Cohen. Coming of Spring landscape painting. Oil on canvas. Original oil painting. Comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. 50by92cm and 40by92cm. Contact for Price and availability.

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La Primavera 2 or The coming of Spring oil Landscape painting by Doris Cohen. Part of the Primavera series of oil paintings by Doris Cohen. This particular landscape painting takes a broader look at the spring season. As the spring season sets in and plants, trees and flowers put on new colors and shed the colorlessness of the winters. This is depicted by a steady flow of white (representing both colorlessness and winter white) color flows out of the forest. The idea behind the painting was to show that spring is not only about of acquisition of colors but also the doing away of the barrenness of the winters. As the white color less winter flows out of the painting in the middle you can see spring color on the foreground waiting to enter the forest. The forest tress are already full of colorful blue, green and yellow but still more spring colors want to splash the forests with their hues. Another subtle theme for this painting was to show with the evenly flowing white stream, that spring is not just discarding of the white barrenness but rather a process of acknowledging change of season with respect. Even the white colors are gracefully bid adieu by the trees as they adorn new colors. The seasons know their place, as one bows out graciously another comes in with respect for the old even if the boisterousness of spring is impatient.


French Canadian artist Doris Cohen’s art and paintings. Doris Cohen is a gifted and trained artist whose painting styles include abstract paintings, impressionism paintings, surrealism, expressionism, still life landscape paintings, nature, floral and realism paintings. A part of her collections of original paintings is now available for sale through this website. All original paintings come with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist herself. These oil on canvas paintings have no replicas or duplicates. Fine art paintings prints and posters are also available for sale. Doris Cohen is also an accomplished stained glass and glass art artist. Her fine art studios, ArtPaintingStudio and Artsonglass are based in Ontario, Canada.