ArtsonGlass website launch.

The Art Painting Studio Team is happy to announce the launch of its sister website

Arts On Glass features glass artwork by artist Doris Cohen. It Features Stained glass, blown glass, sandcrafted glass, colored glass and other glass art products of French Canadian artist Doris Cohen. Limited edition glass art products like stained glass table lamps, decorative glass art home products, Stained glass hangings, stained glass sculptures, decorative stained glass religious gifts, candle holders, ornamental stained glass products and much more. All these limited edition stained glass and glass art products are hand made by the artist and are single creations in each range. No replicas made. All products come with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist herself. Ideal Stained glass gifts. Now available in USA and Canada too. This is a new website and new products are being added on a regular basis, so please bookmark the site if you like it to remain updated. The products listed below are just some of the products we carry.

French Canadian Artist Doris Cohen is based in Greater Toronto Area, Ontario Canada. Famous for her paintings, Doris is also an accomplished glass artist. Having learned from traditional masters in
Europe, she specializes in stained glass art techniques like blown glass, sand blasted glass, molded
glass, colored glass and others. Each item is a painstaking labor of love, hand made and one of its
kind. All stained glass items in her studio are made in Canada and come with certificate of
authenticity. Get your Doris Cohen brand stained glass products today and add to your home decor.

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