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Doris Cohen

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The Tiger 1 Oil Painting.

The Tiger 1 Oil Painting.

The Tiger Oil painting by artist Doris Cohen. Animal and Wildlife paintings. Forest Paintings. Oil on Canvas. Original oil painting. Comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. 20by25cm. Contact for Price and availability.

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The Tiger Oil painting by Doris Cohen. Beautiful painting of a Royal Bengal Tiger in its natural habitat. Intent and intense look as if suddenly spotted some movement. A Prey in sight? The bright yellow color against the intense red to show the majesticness and the Royalty. The red vegetation to add to the ferociousness and intensity to the scenery. Beautiful and smooth strokes for the furry skin of the Royal Bengal Tiger. The bamboo forest to represent the Bengal Tiger’s natural habitat in the Gangetic Delta of Sunderban forest in East India. Part of a series of paintings of the tiger in the forest by artist Doris Cohen.


French Canadian artist Doris Cohen’s art and paintings. Doris Cohen is a gifted and trained artist whose painting styles include abstract paintings, impressionism paintings, surrealism, expressionism, still life landscape paintings, nature, floral and realism paintings. A part of her collections of original paintings is now available for sale through this website. All original paintings come with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist herself. These oil on canvas paintings have no replicas or duplicates. Fine art paintings prints and posters are also available for sale. Doris Cohen is also an accomplished stained glass and glass art artist. Her fine art studios, ArtPaintingStudio and Artsonglass are based in Ontario, Canada.