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About Original Paintings Sale-

Unlike our sister website Artsonglass where you can buy artwork with a few clicks, we currently do not sell original paintings through website as yet. If you are interested in buying any original painting, Please get in touch with us through email or phone and we will ensure a smooth transaction.

Note -prints, posters, framed prints, art prints, acrylic and metal prints of the original paintings in the size and options of your choice are available for immediate online sale through our Fine Art America and Zazzle sites. Please see the relevent links in the menu above.


Authenticity of Original Paintings.

All original paintings come with a detailed industry standard certificate of authenticity signed by the artist herself with complete declaration about the same.



We provide our customers with a choice of carriers and timeframes. We generally use UPS and FedEx for shipping, but if the buyer wants any specific service, it can be arranged. Please note that shipping charges are extra and are to be borne by the buyer. We ship internationally.



Each artwork is meticulously and carefully packed and insured before shipment. We do not charge packaging and insuring charges in general, but if a specific demand for personalized packaging is requested by the buyer, some packaging charges might apply depending on the situation.


Return Policy for Original Paintings once sold.

Original artworks once sold cannot be returned. Please understand that this a practice artist have to follow to avoid Alterations, Photographing, Damage –accidental or otherwise, Plagiarism etc. Buyers are requested to satisfy all their queries regarding the original painting before they buy. Prints and other copies sold through Fine Art America and Zazzle Inc, do have a return policy, you are requested to view them at the respective websites.



Prices we quote are final. Though there are certain exceptions like if the artist is assured and satisfied that the artwork will be displayed in a prominent manner in a place of public repute, negotiations can be made regarding the price. Paintings of religious, cultural and geographic nature can also be eligible for discounts if the buyer satisfies certain conditions, like emotional and aesthetical attachment to the painting. Repeat customers always get a certain discount. Multiple purchase example purchase of minimum 2 paintings or more will certainly qualify for a discount. Art agents and dealers are also eligible for discounts. Artist Discretion overrides everything as far as the art world is concerned. So, as we said prices are final, but do specify if you qualify for any of the above criteria.


We accept payment through secure PayPal payment services which accepts almost all credit and debit cards. In case a buyer is not at ease with these payment options, they can discuss alternative payment methods. We prefer PayPal though as it guarantees highest safety net for both the buyer and the seller.



As mentioned alongside the paintings, all the dimensions of the original paintings are in Centimeters. This is to facilitate international standard sizes. Prints or any copies of the paintings sold by Fine Art America and Zazzle Inc might use inches or centimeters. You are requested to view the appropriate measurement standard against our product while visiting their website.



Any personal data or interaction with the buyer will be kept private, except for where such data is needed for shipping, taxation or any other rule mandated by the law of the land.