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FAQ on Prints, Posters etc

(Please note that for any question not answered below or if you have a different query just drop us a line and we will get back to you ASAP)


Question- Which Prints and Print on Demand Services are available for artist Doris Cohen?

Answer- We currently offer our customers two major Print on Demand websites:

(1) (Our Fine Art America Account)

(2)  (Our Account)

Both these companies are leaders are in this business and offer the best possible services. We have had a very good experience with them as far as customers looking for Prints and Posters of artist Doris Cohen’s paintings are concerned.

Question- Which is better as far as service is considered?

Answer- There is no simple answer to the question. Fine art America is primarily focused on prints, posters, framed prints, art prints, acrylic and metal prints, whereas Zazzle deals in thousands of products like iphone cases, painted mugs, artwork on ipad cases etc. Zazzle also does Prints and Posters etc and is equally efficient. Both the companies have extremely sophisticated equipment and technology to produce amazingly detailed prints in massive sizes. We advise you to visit both the websites listed above and make your decision.

Question- and what about cost?

Answer- Again a difficult question to answer. While in some cases you might find Fine art America a little expensive than Zazzle, you also have to consider that the options and styles that Fine art America gives is unparallel. From frames to size, to Matte and Glossy finishes Fine art America gives you amazingly phenomenal choices. On the other hand Zazzle Inc might seem a little cheap, but their range of printing options get a bit limited after a certain print size. We would advise you to visit both the links above, compare prices, frames, return policies etc for yourself and make a decision.

Question- Do you get a commission from either of these two websites if a print of your painting is purchased?

Answer- Apart from artist royalties which are set by artist both these website (like every print on demand website) gives a certain amount of commission, to all the artists registered on these websites.

Question- Which Countries do these websites ship to.

Answer- Both these websites ship to almost all the countries. Please visit the websites to know more.

Question- Do I get a bulk order discount if I buy multiple prints of a painting.

Answer- You will have to specify the details, qty, painting etc. You can do this by mailing or calling us. If considered viable, we will tweak the royalty percentage for you by giving you a discount code. You can then use this single use discount code. Please note that this facility is available only on Fine art America and not on our Zazzle account. Zazzle in itself gives discount on bulk orders. Please check Zazzle for details.

Question- I want to buy bulk iPhone cases from your Zazzle account, any chances of discount, as this product is not supplied by Fine Art America.

Answer- Please read the above answer. Zazzle allows its artist to discount royalties only before the 20th of the month, that is, you will have to ask us at least 15 days in advance about discount. If found viable, we will provide you with appropriate discounts.

Question- Do these websites have return policy?

Answer- Yes, both the websites have return policies. We would advise you to visit their websites and read their return policies.

Question- I just want a simple print or poster and get it framed it myself. Is that possible with these websites.

Answer- Absolutely. Just buy the basic poster or print or acrylic. Frames and accessories are optional and for your convenience. They are not compulsory.

Question- I would like to get a print for an original painting I saw on this website, but cannot find it listed in Fine art America or Zazzle.

Answer- We keep adding new paintings on this website and sometimes it’s not possible for us to upload the same on these websites. Although we are usually up to date with these websites, sometimes due to rush with original items, there can be a delay. In that case all you have to do is drop us a mail or call us and specify the painting and our staff will promptly upload the painting on these websites so that you can immediately order your prints.