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Jerusalem Oil Painting by Doris Cohen. Jerusalem, Wailing Wall, Temple Mount landscape Painting. Oil on canvas. Original oil painting. Comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. 90by60cm. Contact for Price and availability.

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Jerusalem by Doris Cohen. Oil landscape Painting

How does on paint a landscape which is as ancient as humanity, is a cradle of civilization, extremely important to three most popular religions, marked by conflict, held on by faith and in continuous political turmoil? Yes, agreed an artist can be politically neutral and paint the landscape with detachment, but will it be a true painting of the landscape?

Jerusalem is one such landscape. Yes, an artist can just paint a picture perfect painting, peeling away all that seems uncomfortable, but will it do justice to the living and thriving organism, that the landscape is.

This landscape oil painting of Jerusalem tries to paint Jerusalem as it is with uncomfortable truths portrayed by colors indirectly. The painting is of the Wailing Wall with the Dome of the rock or the Temple Mount in the background. People are shown praying at the Wailing Wall with the Rabbi’s in traditional black dresses. Some of the figures are shown using various colors to imply tourist.
Soldiers are indeed shown for they are a visible presence. They are shown in black in order to stay focused on the landscape and furthermore to make it look like three empty pieces which blacken out the landscape, as if peeled off from the canvas.

Green color is used to imply that Jerusalem is a living city and life goes on for the residents. Having painted the landscape and its surroundings, it was left to the skies to convey the importance of the city and the tumult it has gone through and faces further. The left part of the sky has been painted in heavenly blue color to imply the Divine benevolence this city has been bestowed upon, but as one goes towards the right, the blue changes to a more darkened and dynamic tone. This was done to represent the ever present dark clouds over the city because of the conflict and uncertainty. The dark blue is routinely punctuated with pink and red strokes to represent hope even in the darker times. Same treatment is used in the lower half where the landscape colors are brighter and golden representing the sacredness of the landscape and which turn darker as we go towards the soldiers representing conflict.

It is always difficult to capture Jerusalem in a painting which would be linear in approach. For a place as dynamic, as troubled, as reconciled and as important as Jerusalem, a painting is always more than just colors.   

French Canadian artist Doris Cohen’s art and paintings. Doris Cohen is a gifted and trained artist whose painting styles include abstract paintings, impressionism paintings, surrealism, expressionism, still life landscape paintings, nature, floral and realism paintings. A part of her collections of original paintings is now available for sale through this website. All original paintings come with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist herself. These oil on canvas paintings have no replicas or duplicates. Fine art paintings prints and posters are also available for sale. Doris Cohen is also an accomplished stained glass and glass art artist. Her fine art studios, ArtPaintingStudio and Artsonglass are based in Ontario, Canada.