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Doris Cohen

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Los Matadores

Los Matadores

Los Matadores oil painting by Doris Cohen. Original impressionism painting. Oil on Canvas. Original oil painting. Comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. 20by40cm. Contact for Price and availability.

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Los Matadores oil painting by Doris Cohen. An impressionistic oil painting showing a matador in action. Interestingly, this painting does not show any bulls in this scene. The idea was to understand the essence of a bull fight. Essentially the bull only has two options in a fight, either to kill or be killed. Black or white. It can only be through a matador that the fight could be understood.  The painting essentially tries to depict a bull fight with just three gestures of a matador. The matador in the middle shows the start of the fight. The matador is impeccably dressed for the occasion, grandstanding for the occasion for that is what the public has come to look for – a hero. The left figure shows the fight in progress. His hair ruffled, his figure a little tired and blood on his knees and torso. The figure on the right shows the result. A bleeding matador, his figure more frail and the blood soaked swords depicting he has conquered the bull. Who he was fighting or why he was fighting becomes immaterial for the scene. The blood soaked swords was all the crowd came to see.